Explicit Consent Text for Website/Mobile Application Subscription within the Scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data

As Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment Co. (“The Eurasia Tunnel” or “the Company”), we request your explicit consent for the following within the scope of the processing and/or transfer of your personal data excluding the exceptional circumstances under the legislation on Personal Data Protection:

I hereby declare that I give consent for the processing of my identifying and contact information by the Eurasia Tunnel for the performance of promotional and marketing activities, delivery of e-bulletins and satisfaction surveys, organization of campaigns and sending of prizes to me and for the transfer of the same for the same purposes to digital marketing/marketing firms from whom a consultancy service is procured, agencies and survey companies, any real persons or legal persons subjected to private law whose services are procured by or with whom the Company is in collaboration including its domestic business partners and suppliers, controlling corporations of the Company for compliance with the policies and procedures of the Company and the group of companies with which the Company is associated and to the systems of domestic and foreign firms rendering technology services and I also declare that I have been informed through the clarification text.

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