Day 05.00 - 23.59
Night 00.00 - 04.59

Payment Alternatives

The Eurasia Tunnel toll is paid by the free flow system with a state-of-the-art design. Both the HGS systems can be used at the tollbooths; in order to provide an uninterrupted trip, the system does not offer cash or credit card payment alternatives.

  • Tolls rates apply according to the spacing of axles. 2-axle vehicles with a front-to-back axle space of less than 3.20 meters apply as car (1st class) rate, 2-axle vehicles with a front-to-back axle space of more than 3.20 meters apply as minibus (2nd class) rate and motorcycles are charged at the 6th Class vehicle tariff.
  • Payments can be made via an active HGS account, or a new HGS account can be obtained through authorized providers (Banks or PTT branches).
  • With the new payment option for an expired pass, introduced for the first time in the highway industry, drivers are now able to pay tolls online via credit card on their tablets, computers and mobile phones.
  • If there is an insufficient balance on an HGS account, the balance due can be deposited to the HGS account by accessing the “Toll” option on the Eurasia Tunnel website or by calling customer service at 0850 222 80 20.
  • If the toll fee is paid within 15 days after your pass, no violation penalty is applied. By law; for payments made within a period of 15 days to 45 days, a penalty equal to one toll fee is applied, and for payments after 45 days, a penalty of 4 times the toll is applied.
  • You can view your toll payments for your passes of the last 60 days from the E-Government, you can easily follow up your violation passes. In addition, you can get information on your transitions via SMS, e-mail and mobile notification by updating your contact information registered on the E-Government.

How to pay?

You can pay toll online now.

Due to maintenance work website payment system will be unavailable temporarily. At the meantime main payment channel HGS will function properly.