Eurasia Tunnel

With the state-of-the-art technology and advanced engineering involved in this integrated project connecting continents, the Eurasia Tunnel serves as a 'Fast', 'Economic', 'Safe', 'Comfortable' and 'Environment-friendly' transportation alternative for the Istanbul Strait crossing.


Avrasya Tüneli

With the Eurasia Tunnel connecting the highly traveled, traffic-dense D100 Highway on the Asian side to Kennedy Street on the European side, distances have been shortened.

The route, which is streamlined with improved approach roads, allows users of the Eurasia Tunnel to complete the intercontinental journey in about 5 minutes.

Thanks to the Eurasia Tunnel, which shortens travel times throughout Istanbul, Istanbulites can now save 52 million hours a year.


Avrasya Tüneli

In addition to the economic contributions that the Eurasia Tunnel provided during its construction period, its ongoing operations also contribute to the national economy and individuals as well.

During the construction period of the project, 1800 people and 60 sub-contractors were employed daily. While the construction work was underway, a business volume of 1.5 million liras was created per day.

By shortening and streamlining the route, the Eurasia Tunnel contributes 180 million liras per year to the fuel economy of Turkey and the time saved is the equivalent of a total of 520 million liras.

Tolls are collected in both directions of the Eurasia Tunnel and no extra fee is levied for passengers in vehicles.


Avrasya Tüneli

The safety of users of the Eurasia Tunnel, which is a project of the future with its intelligent infrastructure and innovative technologies, was taken into consideration when designing the finest details in both construction and operation.

Experts considered all precautions to be taken against any extraordinary situation and the fully equipped control room located on the Asian side is fully prepared. The large number of staff and the Eurasia Tunnel team of 200 experts are ready to help you throughout your journey.

The Eurasia Tunnel, which will be open on all days, in all weather conditions, is monitored on a 24/7 basis by closed circuit cameras as well as detection and warning systems. Communication with Eurasia Tunnel users are provided seamlessly via mobile phones, emergency phones and public announcement systems.


Avrasya Tüneli

The Eurasia Tunnel is designed to improve your driving comfort. Features like modern lighting, high-capacity ventilation and the low grade of the road all make the journey more comfortable. The ventilation system, with advanced jet fans, provides continuous fresh air circulation. These two-way fans constantly supply fresh air into the tunnel and their capacity can be increased in case of an emergency.

A special gradual LED lighting technology has been installed to ensure that users can easily adapt to the tunnel and daylight at entry and exit points. In addition, architectural LED lighting, used for the first time in Turkey, increases driving comfort and offers Istanbul a new icon.

With the Eurasia Tunnel, you can make uninterrupted journeys even in adverse weather conditions such as fog and ice.


Avrasya Tüneli

From the first day, the Eurasia Tunnel was an exemplary, world-class project with its sensitive approach to the environment, community and city. All stages and activities of the project, which are covered under the scope of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), were carried out in a proactive and transparent manner.

The Eurasia Tunnel has a route that will never spoil the skyline of Istanbul or the Historical Peninsula, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is an environment-friendly project that takes ecological balance into consideration and does not harm marine life.

The coastal park was developed with a holistic approach under the Coastal Park Renewal Plan developed along with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on the European side.

With the Eurasia Tunnel, travel distances are shortened and the annual amount of emissions in Istanbul are being reduced by 82,000 tons annually.

Two Air Quality Monitoring Stations, that Istanbul has created as part of the project, continuously monitor air quality in the region and ensure that emission values meet set standards.

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