Privacy Notice Pursuant to the Law on Personal Data Protection

1. Identity of Data Controller

As Avrasya Tüneli İşletme İnş. ve Yatırım A.Ş. (hereinafter shall be briefly referred as “ATAŞ” or “the Company”), we carefully and sensitively process your personal data and your sensitive personal data. Accordingly, we would like to inform you about processing of your data and parties that might receive such data as well as conditions of sharing your data.

2. Collecting, Processing Personal Data and Purposes of Processing

Your personal data might be purposed for offering the best Company services to you and for performing operational and maintenance works of Eurasia Tunnel however the purpose might vary depending on the service or activity provided by our Company.

  • If you use the Eurasia Tunnel (“the Tunnel”): your visual data and license plate number will be on video surveillance records for assuring security; your ID and contact details, license plate number, traffic insurance, motor own insurance and personal data written on your license and your visual data for responding to any incident or solving a problem in case of an incident (accident, breakdown, health etc.) taking place in the Tunnel; your personal data, license plate number and recording of your call for managing emergencies if you use the emergency phones in the Tunnel;
  • Your ID and contact details, license plate number for informing you about your debt, if you pass the Tunnel by violating rules of passage;
  • Your ID and contact details (if you provide, a copy of your ID card) for assuring and assessing customer satisfaction and reviewing complaints; recording of your call if you call our call center; your HGS / OGS (Fast-Pass System / Automatic-Pass System) dump, if provided, as well as your data obtained from HGS/OGS label agreement, your license plate number and bank account number, IBAN and such financial information, health data and personal data on your license;
  • If you subscribe to your company’s website; your ID and contact details for sending you a newsletter, providing information about rules of using the Tunnel and, if you give explicit consent, for performing and announcing marketing, promotional activities, sweepstakes, sending gifts, campaigns and advertisement through a number of channels and for providing general and special offers to the Tunnel Users; your social media account info if you contact our Company through your social media account as well as your license plate number, personal data on your license, your visual data, signature data and HGS / OGS subscription information;
  • If you visit our company building; your ID data for assuring physical security of the place (this is considered as sensitive personal data and includes religion, blood type information on your ID card and / or driver’s license and your visual data), your vehicle’s license plate number; visual data through surveillance videos and digital and cookies data if you visit our website.

The foregoing data are processed only for fulfillment of our Company’s legal liabilities as well as offering, conducting, improving our company businesses and responding to demands and for complying with the related regulation and our procedures. Furthermore, such data might be transferred to our Company’s physical archives and IT systems and the data might be kept both in digital platforms and physical platforms.

3. Transfer of Personal Data

Your personal data might be transferred to the government organizations and establishments (General Directorate of Security Affairs, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure etc.), Post Office Department, companies providing us operational and maintenance works for the Tunnel, domestic and foreign business partners providing us services, such as digital marketing, consulting, marketing and agencies and the Company’s affiliated group companies and such data transfers shall be in accordance with the Law and other regulations and restricted to the abovementioned purposes and reasons requiring such data transfer.

4. Method of Collecting Personal Data and Legal Reasons

Your personal data shall be collected from complaint forms submitted directly by you verbally or in writing through automated or non-automated methods, applications or requests forwarded to our company by e-mail, mail, phone, fax channels and through call center, website and social media accounts as well as toll collection systems, pass recording systems, closed circuit surveillance systems and from record of scrap if your vehicle is scrapped and from firms providing us services; this collection of your personal data shall be for the abovementioned purposes and in accordance with the primary principles specified under the Law and provided that such collection, which must be based on legitimate interests of the Company and legal reasons, is specified under the laws written in Article 5 paragraph 2 of the Law or required for performance of the agreement, fulfillment of legal obligations or if explicit consent is given or provided that such collection does not violate fundamental rights and freedoms of the related person.

5. Rights of Data Subject

We would like to remind you that you may apply to our company and exercise the following rights about your personal data:

  • To learn whether your personal data has been processed or not; if processed, details of processing;
  • To learn the purpose of processing your data and whether your data has been used for the intended purposes or not;
  • To know the third party recipients that received your personal data in the country or abroad;
  • To request the rectification of the personal data processed incompletely or inaccurately, if any,
  • To request the erasure or destruction of your personal data if your personal data are no longer necessary in relation the purposes of processing, and, if transferred, to request notification of third party recipients,
  • To request compensation of damages if you suffer from any damages due to illegal processing of your personal data.

If you want to make a request / application with respect to your personal data under the Law, you may use the form available on and send it by using one of the following platforms:

In accordance with Article 13 of the Law, our company shall finalize your requests and applications considering the nature of your request and within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days. If this process has any cost, the tariff announced by the Personal Data Protection Board shall be applied. If the request is denied, the reason / reasons of refusal shall be explained in writing or through the online platform.

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Information and Approval Form for Commercial E-mails

Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company (“ATAŞ”) would like to send commercial e-mails to you to define the products and services offered within the scope of its marketing, promotion, advertisement and introduction activities, provide information about new products and services as well as any campaigns and promotions or inform you about other details and innovations considered to be attractive for our customers. We kindly request from you to complete the following text and give an approval to receive commercial e-mails from us.

The approval to be given by you for the delivery of commercial e-mails by ATAŞ is optional and at your discretion. If you give an approval for the delivery of commercial e-mails, you may subsequently reject to receive electronic e-mails from ATAŞ at your discretion as of your request without showing any justification thereof. Within this framework, ATAŞ shall fulfil your request to suspend the delivery of such e-mails through some or all communication channels on the basis of the options provided in the e-mails sent to you.

ATAŞ shall comply with all applicable legislations including but not limited to the Law on the Electronic Commerce Arrangements and the Directive concerning Commercial Communication and Commercial E-mails during the delivery of the abovementioned commercial e-mails to you.

I hereby declare that I give an approval for the delivery of commercial e-mails by Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment Joint Stock Company ("ATAŞ") through the communication channels provided by me to define the products and services offered within the scope of its marketing, promotion, advertisement and introduction activities, provide information about new products and services as well as any campaigns and promotions or inform you about other details and innovations considered to be attractive for me as a customer.

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