The Best Stories of the Eurasia Tunnel Awarded

The Best Stories of the Eurasia Tunnel Awarded 22 November 2017

The awards of the ‘Tunnel Stories’ contest where the most appealing stories from the Eurasia Tunnel were shared, found their owners.

Among the winners, Sibel Sınırca won the prize with her video that featured the memorable story she lived by preferring the Eurasia Tunnel to donate blood to her closest friend that had an accident; Nurdan Baskak to take the forgotten rings to the ceremony for asking for the girl’s hand for marriage within half an hour; Emre Şimşek to catch the plane which he noticed in the last minute that it was scheduled to take off from Sabiha Gökçen Airport; Hakan Delibaş to deliver his sister on time for volleyball training. ATAŞ CEO Sungjin Lee gave the latest technology smartphones to the winners.

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