Automatic payment solution is in service

Automatic payment solution is in service 13 January 2022

The Automatic payment solution in Eurasia Tunnel is in service now to provide great convenience for corporate companies!

Corporate companies that are members of Eurasia Tunnel, alongside receiving services such as debt inquiry and payment, and illegal pass notifications, can now issue automatic payment orders.

Corporate Companies will be able to match their license plates uploaded in the membership system en masse with their credit card selected on Masterpass. Pass fee payment will thus be secured even when their registered vehicles do not have enough balance on their OGS/HGS accounts. Companies will also be able to view and follow payment transactions and automatic payment orders in the mobile application as well as web site.

Thanks for choosing the shortest way between the two continents!

Corporate accounts can add their license plates
collectively to the automatic payment order.

How to pay?

You can pay toll online now.

Due to maintenance work website payment system will be unavailable temporarily. At the meantime main payment channel HGS will function properly.