Communication with Stakeholders

A transparent communication policy was pursued with all individual and corporate stakeholders during the Eurasia Tunnel Project, the public was informed on a constant basis by using the project communication channels, and the grievance mechanism of the project has been kept open for all stakeholders. The activities performed during all stages of the project continue the same during the operation phase.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Within the scope of the Eurasia Tunnel Project, any individuals, institutions or groups potentially affected by the Project or interested in the Project and Project impacts have been identified as “stakeholders“ and ”Stakeholder Engagement Plan” has been prepared in order to inform all stakeholders in a timely and adequate manner. In order to ensure fair participation, the consultancy process was initiated on 07 March 2011 by taking a consistent, comprehensive, coordinated and culturally appropriate approach to the participation of relevant stakeholders during the development of the Project. You can reach stakeholder engagement activities, grievance mechanism and actions taken during the construction period of the Project (January 2013 - December 2016) by clicking here. Here you can find the Stakeholder Engagement Plan for the operation period by clicking here, which is in line with international good practices.

Close Out Report for the Design and Construction Phase of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Design and Construction Phases)

You can reach the final report, which includes the stakeholder engagement plan activities, implementation of the grievance mechanism and the actions taken as prepared following the termination of the process, for the Stakeholder Engagement Plan which was updated depending on the development steps during the design and construction phase of the project, by clicking here.

If you would like to receive hard copy of the document/s, please submit your request with your full address details to and/or call center via 0850 222 80 20, the printed document/s will be delivered to the address stated by you within 7 working days at the latest.

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