The contract for the Eurasia Tunnel was awarded on June 2008 and construction began with a kick-off ceremony in February 2011.

Eurasia Tunnel, chronology, date of award of contract, construction kick-off ceremony

2016 Avrasya Tüneli 2016 Chronology
  • Completion of the Project and Launch for Service
  • First vehicle passes through the Tunnel
2015 2015 Chronology
  • Completion of TBM tunnel excavation
  • Completion of NATM land tunnels excavation
2014 2014 Chronology
  • Reaching the deepest elevation (106 meters under sea floor)
  • Installation of the second seismic ring
  • Installation of the first seismic ring
  • Start of excavation by the TBM
2013 2013 Chronology
  • Initiation of the TBM on the site
  • Reception Ceremony for the TBM
  • Financial Closure
  • Start of the Contract Period
2012 2012 Chronology
  • Sign of the Financing Agreements
  • Foundation of YM & SK Joint Venture
2011 2011 Chronology
  • Construction Kick-off Ceremony
  • Signing of the Implementation Contract
2008 2008 Chronology
  • Date of Award of Contract
2005 2005 Chronology
  • NIPPON KOEI conducted feasibility studies

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