The Eurasia Tunnel is a cutting-edge global project that will connect the Asian and European continents beneath the seafloor for the first time.

We worked enthusiastically to build a monumental work for Turkey and we proudly succeeded. The Eurasia Tunnel, a cutting-edge global project, connected the Asian and European continents for the first time through a road tunnel beneath the seafloor. The Eurasia Tunnel accomplished several firsts for Turkey and provides a powerful solution to Istanbul’s deep-rooted traffic problem. A brand new, safe, fast and eco-friendly transportation alternative has been introduced between main arteries of the two sides of the city. The travel time between the Asian and European sides dropped to as low as 5 minutes. The Eurasia Tunnel is carrying out an important mission not just for today, but also for the future, as an icon of the city. We are proud to have created this masterpiece, which adds great value to Istanbul.

Başar Arıoğlu

Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment Inc. Co. (ATAŞ), Chairman
Yapı Merkezi Construction Inc., Chairman

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