Yapı Merkezi

Yapı Merkezi was founded in 1965 for ‘producing and implementing contemporary construction projects to serve humanity by creating an environment of happiness’.

Yapı Merkezi develops projects on a global scale and, through good risk management, achieves its goals of providing its products and services with promised quality, on time and by sticking to the budget. While achieving its goals, Yapı Merkezi never discards aesthetic attitude, which forms a bridge of judgement between planned and applied, and passionately strives for the beautiful. It considers professional and human values as well as technical measurements, and tirelessly processes information while proceeding with its activities in order to be a benchmark organization for others. Yapı Merkezi is a group of industry-leading companies that are open, transparent, innovative and committed to complete every project on time. The company is respectful and sensitive to the histories, traditions, customs, moral values, laws and environment of the communities where it operates

The happiness of residents living in the 42 million square meters it has engineered so far, safe transportation for more than 2 million passengers per day on 3 continents with 2600 kilometers of lines, 39 rail systems and 300 stations it has constructed since 1965, the capacity of delivering clean water to hundreds of areas in 40 countries through 5600 kilometers of leak-proof pipes, the ability of concrete production to endure under 3000 kg/cm² pressure and the opportunity for self-development offered to thousands of students through education are significant indicators of the Yapı Merkezi family.

In its half a century of history, Yapı Merkezi Construction and Industry Inc., the first and the largest company of the group, has carried out many important construction projects in Turkey and abroad, especially in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morocco.

Yapı Merkezi has successfully carried out many projects through its subsidiaries both locally and abroad, including, in particular, transportation systems, urban rail systems, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, industrial and public service structures, residences, water collection and supply networks, restoration, reinforcement and repair work.

For more information on Yapı Merkezi, please visit www.yapimerkezi.com.tr

SK Ecoplant

SK Ecoplant is the construction and engineering arm of the SK Group. SK Group, which is the third largest group of companies in Korea, is ranked 46th on the list of the largest 250 contractors in the world by ENR (Engineering News Record) magazine. SK Ecoplant was also ranked 39th on the Fortune Global 500 list in 2015. Since its establishment in 1977, SK Ecoplant, has been competing in the construction and engineering fields of all industries including civil infrastructure, architecture, housing and industrial facilities. It has played a role in making South Korea known for its precision in construction and engineering.

Having undertaken gas and petrochemical projects with oil refineries in 23 countries over many years, SK Ecoplant is a global leader in those industries. SK Ecoplant provides comprehensive services including operation and maintenance of independent power projects as well as services for coal-fired and combined cycle power plants. SK Ecoplant also provides construction services and full-range communications services for mobile phone systems. The company has made great leaps in the areas of home networks, cities equipped with communication technologies (u-Cities) and communications services and solutions for the business world (u-Business). For more information, please visit www.skec.com.

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